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Beacon – GPS Vehicle Tracking System helps the customer to generate an “Automated Reports, which are used to monitor the usage of the vehicles,

  • It allows the customer to improve the driver’s productivity
  • To analyze the past records of your vehicles and employees
  • To evaluate the performance and their activities

Beacon GPS Tracking System has its inbuilt Route Map designed to plan a (optimal) route between two geographical locations.

  • It can typically provide a list of places one will pass by, with crossroads and directions that must be followed, road numbers, distances, etc.
  • It also usually provides an interactive map with a suggested route marked on it.
  • Route Map allows the fleet owners to optimize route efficiency and boost profits.
  • The Route Map is included in GPS tracking capability which enable dispatchers to prevent unplanned stops, reduce mileage, and plan more fuel efficient routes.
Version 1.5.37