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Fuel Mileage and consumption

The price of Diesel and Petrol has been always increasing, nobody remembers when it had come down. So what can be done to reduce the fuel expense. The petroleum and energy conservation institute recommends few things to get a good mileage out of your vehicle, namely

  • Ensure that frequent acceleration is avoided
  • Switch off engine when idling
  • Ensure that Tyre pressures are maintained
  • Avoid unnecessary usage of brakes
  • Try maintaining economical speed
  • Plan the route with fewer stops, traffic congestion and shorter distance.

How does Beacon GPS tracker help in maximizing fuel mileage?

The beacon tracker BT200 has the ability to identify the start, stop and whether in motion status. With these basic information the system can identify whether the vehicle is idling unnecessary (more than 30 seconds) and send sms to driver or operations team to shut the engine. This can save a considerable amount of fuel.

Frequent acceleration and braking patterns can increase the fuel consumption up to 30% more than the normal. Beacon GPS tracker can identify these driving patterns and produce report of the driving performance. A trained driver aware of these facts can improve the driving performance and thus contribute substantially to the fuel cost savings.

How does GPS tracker help in planning fewer stops and shorter distance?

The beacon tracker website has feature where the user can plan the multiple routes of carrying the load. These routes can be compared with regard to distance. Beacon tracker website can create database of the pattern of the traveling time of similar trucks over the same route and compare them against same truck with different driver over a different route. The travel times can be compared and the ideal routes can be worked out.

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