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Location & Speed

Beacon tracker BT100 is one of the robust vehicle tracker GPS. The tracker built by team having a strong domain, technology and software expertise. As we have word with various logistics companies, we understand the business. Beacon Tracker BT100 and the software solution has been specifically built for trucking, logistic and commercial companies.ke

What does the beacon tracker BT100 track?

Whether you need to track one vehicle or you need to track large fleet of trucks, beacon has the solution which caters to the varied needs of users across multiple domains. Beacon Tracker BT100 tracks the position of the vehicles such as Truck, Cars, Vans, Motorcycles, Bicycles, assets and even persons. The system gives a complete information of

  • Location
  • Position
  • Speed
  • Odometer
  • Weather at location,

on a minute to minute basis. The complete track of the vehicle is displayed in a map, additionally the position can be viewed in Terrain and Satellite view also.

How do I log into the beacon website to track the position of my vehicle?

The users can log into www.beacon.net.in and they will need to put in their account, user name and password. This will take them straight to the web page which will show them the vehicle(s) position. The information provided in the beacon web site is clear and concise and there is no clutter of information so that user can focus on the required information and move on.

Version 1.5.37